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Are you in search of a reliable property manager in Peterborough NH? Turn to the experts at Keyrenter Property Management New England!

Self-management of an investment property can be a lot more daunting than many owners anticipate. Management of your rental property not only means inspecting the property and collecting rent, but it also requires you to handle renter issues and screen prospective tenants, and market vacant units.

If you find yourself spending hours in a day just handling property needs, it might be time that you outsourced the management of your rental properties to Keyrenter Property Management New England, a highly trusted service provider.

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With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have a reputation for being a reliable team offering comprehensive property management solutions to our clients. Our portfolio is quite diversified and we currently manage single-family residences, townhouses, and condos among other types of properties.

Get in touch with Keyrenter Property Management New England and let’s discuss how to ease your rental property management burden.

Our Peterborough Property Management Services

As the leading service provider in Peterborough and beyond, Keyrenter Property Management New England is responsible for handling the management of dozens of properties within the region. We offer a wide range of property management solutions that can be customized into a tailor-made package to fit your unique needs.

Below are some of the Peterborough property management services that we offer:

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Rental Rate Assessment

To advise our clients on how much they should charge their renters, Keyrenter Property Management New England performs an in-depth analysis of the market. We gather data from comparable properties in the area taking into account the age and condition of the property, as well as the quality of finishes and fittings.

The amount you charge for your Peterborough rental property is a reflection of the economy and other spatial factors in your neighborhood. These factors change over time and consequently, so should your rent.

The team from Keyrenter New England is always keeping an eye on these factors and is ready to advise our clients on whether or not to adjust their rental rates in response to these factors.

Property Marketing and Advertising

Vacant properties can be very costly to your bottom line. At Keyrenter Property Management New England, we make sure to market your property to a wide range of tenants to reduce vacancy periods.

We’ll start by making necessary repairs and renovations to the property. Then our team of property managers will take high-resolution photos of the property and put together an engaging description of the property.

We also provide 24/7 communication channels where any prospective tenant can reach out to us and inquire about possible viewings or submitting applications.

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Tenant Screening and Selection

To ensure that you have no issues with your renters, Keyrenter Property Management New England implements a thorough screening process. We are looking at the character and financial capability of the renter to ensure that they’re able to pay their rent on time.

We also check if they have a history of lease violations. From our experience in the property market, a comprehensive tenant screening is often one of the best mechanisms against problematic tenants from occupying your rentals.

Tenant screenings involve assessing personal information about a client. It must be handled confidentially and professionally. Our property managers go the extra mile to ensure that the provisions of the Fair Housing Act are complied with.

Property Maintenance and Inspection

Property owners have a legal duty to provide a habitable rental environment. This means conducting regular inspections and routine maintenance to ensure that the property is in top condition.

Our property managers can coordinate inspections and respond to tenants’ maintenance requests promptly to ensure that their needs are met and your rental property’s value is protected.

Rent Collection

Every real estate investor has different goals. There are some who invested in real estate to diversify their portfolio and some are looking to grow their equity. Regardless, to achieve these goals, you need consistent rent payments.

As your property manager, it’s our duty to ensure that your rent is collected on time and in full, every month. We have a digital payment solution that offers your renters the chance to pay from wherever they are to provide convenience and easy tracking.


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There is always the possibility of dealing with tenants who delay paying rent. But you don’t have to worry about that when Keyrenter Property Management New England is your property partner. We’ll enforce the policies listed in the lease agreement to ensure that rent and late penalties are paid.

In the rare case that an eviction becomes necessary, our professional property managers are prepared to carry out the process on your behalf and in accordance with all local and state laws.

Living in Peterborough, NH

Situated in New Hampshire, Peterborough is regarded as a great town to reside in. Residents can attest to the quality of life, the availability of green spaces, and the education programs available in the region.

Peterborough offers residents a close-knit community feels. There are a number of recreational options available as well as restaurants and other entertainment options for people of all ages. When it comes to the quality of public schools, Peterborough ranks well.

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