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Let Us Manage Your Milford Rental Property

Are you looking to hire a property manager in Milford, NH? If yes, then consider Keyrenter New England!

While owning your Milford rental home is a great passive income, a lot of landlords still actively manage their units, which means sacrificing a lot of time. They have to collect the rent, market the property, ensure its proper maintenance, and screen for potential tenants.

Keyrenter New England is a professional property manager providing 15 years of industry experience.

We provide complete leases customized for your Milford rental home. We also run an extensive screening for prospective renters, perform move-in and move-out inspections, collect the rent, and handle tenant concerns and requests.

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We’re established in Bedford and cater to homeowners who want to gain peace of mind and earn a consistent income while minimizing the stress of self-managing.

We show full support and let you enjoy a hassle-free rental unit that provides you with regular returns on your investment.

Keyrenter New England welcomes different types of rental properties in Milford. We manage single-family homes, multi-family homes, duplexes, and condo units. We offer personalized property solutions, focusing on individual rental home needs.

Our property management services are superior, incorporated with efficient systems and effective processes from our years in the industry.

We help create value for your Milford rental home and provide our local expertise. We also have competent skills in marketing vacancies and screening renters.

We further protect property owners with multiple guarantees, such as a pet guarantee, eviction guarantee, service guarantee, and tenant guarantee.

Your Milford rental home is in capable hands as we dedicate our time and resources to turning it into a success.

Contact Keyrenter New England today at (603) 641 4000. You can also send us a message at [email protected]. You can rely on our responsive approach which is key to retaining your tenants over the years.

Our Property Management Services

To help you maximize your rental income and land long-term renters, Keyrenter New England aids property owners in marketing, tenant screening, lease creation, rent collection, and property maintenance of your Milford rental home.

Here are some of the beneficial property management services you’ll enjoy as our client:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

Keyrenter New England prioritizes finding great tenants right away. We find renters for an average of 2 weeks by launching a strategic advertising plan. We analyze the best demographics and center our marketing on it, to easily attract the most suitable market.

We also post professional photos online and advertise using tried-and-tested methods. Before arranging property showings, we make sure that the unit is ready for move-in.

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2.Tenant Screening Process

Even if we aim to quickly land renters in your vacant Milford rental home, it doesn’t mean that we neglect the vital tenant screening stage. Our process is thorough as we evaluate the key things, such as tenant history, income, and employment of prospective renters.

We also check on credit reports. Our 14-step tenant screening procedure is detailed since we want to ascertain that the new occupant matches the standards we set.

Keyrenter New England looks for renters that have the capacity to pay the rent on time, respect the property, and report any issues. We also expect the occupants to comply with the property rules written on the lease.

3. Lease Preparation

Creating a lease for your Milford rental home takes experience. A great lease is well-crafted to protect the interest of the landlord and also adheres to state laws and local regulations.

You might think that a written lease is unnecessary but simply depending on a verbal agreement can potentially cause problems later on.

It’s best to have the terms and conditions in black and white to ensure proof of the understanding existing between all parties and Keyrenter New England offers this important service.

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4. Rent Collection

Given Keyrenter New England’s high record of rent collection at 99.8%, it’s easy to see why this professional property management company is trusted by a lot of property owners. Our rent collection system provides payment convenience to renters and tracks their monthly payments.

5. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Tenants stay in your Milford rental home when the unit is properly maintained. As a property manager, it’s crucial to inspect the rental routinely and perform the day-to-day maintenance tasks.

You can count on Keyrenter New England to be responsive when property damages are reported or observed during inspections. We have a trusted set of vendors that help us maintain your unit in top condition.

We also show the same attentive approach during property emergencies, leading to stronger trust from the tenants.

About Milford, New Hampshire

Milford is considered a town in Hillsborough County. Its name was derived from its location near a mill that’s constructed on a ford – the Souhegan River.

Milford is popular for its annual Pumpkin Festival, celebrated on a three-day weekend, drawing more than 30,000 people.

Residents enjoy staying in Milford for its close community celebrating well-organized social events. It also has plenty of good local restaurants and excellent public schools. Milford is suitable for families and nature enthusiasts.

Hiking trails are abundant in this town. It also has a tranquil atmosphere, making it ideal for retirees to settle in, too.

Here are interesting places to see in Milford, New Hampshire:

  1. Adam’s Field
  2. Emerson Park
  3. Kaley Park
  4. Keyes Memorial Park
  5. Shepard Park
  6. Mayflower Hill Town Forest
  7. Hitchiner Town Forest Trails
  8. Carey House Museum
  9. Harriet E Wilson Statue
  10. Milford Market Antiques

(Source: Wikipedia)