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Are you looking to hire an expert property management company in Hudson, New Hampshire?

If so, then consider Keyrenter New England! We have been in the property management industry for 15 years and are known as the number one property management company in the area.

Based in Bedford, New Hampshire, we offer professional expertise for rental property owners in Hudson and its surrounding areas. From rent payments, marketing a vacant unit, attending to regular maintenance tasks, or screening prospective renters, we are the experts you can trust.

We know the hard work that it takes for a landlord to manage a property each day. We also know that it can be stressful and overwhelming to do this on your own. When you choose to work with Keyrenter New England, you can have the time and freedom to focus on your property’s growing ROI and other investment pursuits.

We have years of experience taking care of all different property types, whether it’s single-family homes, multi-family homes, duplexes, or condo units. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so we provide catered property solutions suited to your unique rental home needs.

With our professional and reliable team by your side, you can rest assured that we will help to increase your property’s value and investment income.

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Our Property Management Services 

Keyrenter New England has the systems and technology to help optimize your rental property and turn your renters into trusted, long-term tenants. 


Here are some of the beneficial property management services you’ll enjoy as our client:

Marketing of Your Rental Property

Vacancies can be detrimental to your rental’s success. Keyrenter New England can help your occupancy rate through our effective advertising techniques. We analyze the selling points of your property and match it to the your preferred demographics.

We utilize both online and offline marketing methods. Online, we’ll list your property across all popular rental sites, using professional images to attract more prospects. Offline, we prepare your unit for property showings and maintain it well to impress potential tenants. 

Tenant Screening Process

Our marketing methods are so effective that we often have a large pool of tenants to select from. While this is great news for your rental income, we use a strict screening process to ensure you get the best renters for your property.

To qualify potential tenants, we use a 14-step process. This includes reviewing important elements such as their tenant history, income, employment, and credit reports.

Keyrenter New England prioritizes renters who have a great record of making timely rent payments, respecting the property and reporting maintenance issues promptly. Its also important that they abide by the property policies and respect the space of other renters or neighbors. 


Lease Preparation

Creating a leasing agreement can be hard for new landlords, but only having a verbal agreement will not help you property in the long run.

As your property manager, we help property owners design a leasing contract that includes key terms and conditions that are suitable to their rental properties. We know what clauses and policies to include, given that we’re well-versed in property laws and local regulations.

Rent Collection

As a landlord, we understand how important is that rent is collected on time. With a 99.8% collection rate from month to month, we know that we can help you steadily earn great rental income. 

We offer an online portal that both you and your tenants can use. This convenient system allows for tenants to pay their rent from their phone. It also is tracks monthly payments and deposits income straight into your account. 

Property Repairs & Maintenance

To ensure that renters decide to stay in your rental for a long time, you must provide a habitable and comfortable environment. To achieve this, routine property maintenance must be conducted. When damages occur, repairs will be arranged quickly and effeciently. With an extensive network of vendors, Keyrenter New England is able to keep up a a great living environment for our client’s renters.


When we receive property maintenance requests, we address them immediately. We are available 24/7 for both you and your tenant in the case of an emergency. Our priority is cultivating a trusted relationship with your tenants.

About Hudson, New Hampshire

Hudson is considered to be part of Hillsborough County and is situated along the Massachusetts state line. Its sits in close proximity to Lowell, Boston, and Worcester.

A great advantage to living here is lower taxes. New Hampshire does not collect sale tax, making it much easier to save. Hudson is ideal for families raising kids with its highly rated educational system. It’s also preferred by young professionals.

Hudson has a beautiful environment for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. The town has a vibrant entertainment scene with many dining and shopping options as well.

Here are interesting places to see in Hudson, New Hampshire:

  1. Benson Park
  2. Benson’s Wild Animal Farm Museum & Gift Shop
  3. SkyVenture New Hampshire
  4. Greeley Park
  5. Fun World
  6. Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsborough State Forest
  7. Mascuppic Lake
  8. Robinson Pond
  9. Hills House
  10. Massapoag Pond

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Areas We Serve

Keyrenter New England provides property management services in Bedford, BowCandia, New Hampshire, Goffstown, Amherst, DerryPeterborough, Hooksett, Londonderry, ManchesterMilford, Nashua, Concord, Auburn, and Merrimack.