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Do you own a rental property in Concord, NH? Congratulations! You are one on the path to financial freedom. Property investing can offer consistent rental income, tax advantages, and serve as a hedge against economic shocks. 

However, to enjoy all these benefits that come with property investing, you must consider the management of your rental property. Proper management ensures that your tenants have the best experience and that their needs are always met. 

With years of experience in the New Hampshire property market, you can rely on the experienced team at Keyrenter New England to manage your investment. We have been approached by dozens of property owners in the past. With us as your property partner, you can be assured of achieving your financial goals. 

Keyrenter New England manages a wide range of properties, from apartment units to townhouses to luxury homes. Our company offers tailored services to meet the needs of each property.

There’s no better firm suited for the job than Keyrenter New England. Get in touch with us today and you will receive a quote for our property management services. 

Our Property Management Services 

As the leading property management company in Concord and other neighboring areas, Keyrenter New England offers a wide range of property solutions to help you maximize your investment’s potential ROI.  


Lease Compliance

Choosing to be a rental property owner is one of the best decisions that you will ever make. However, leasing property comes with its own set of rules and regulations set by county authorities, the State, and federal organizations. 

Keyrenter New England will help you stay in compliance with each of these laws thanks to its dependable and expert property managers. Our staff stays up-to-date with any developments and will advise you should there be any changes. 


In some cases, an eviction could be the only solution for you to protect your Concord investment. Keyrenter New England knows the provisions of New Hampshire State law regarding evictions and will take care of the entire process. 

We will file the proper paperwork and liaise with law enforcement to ensure that the client is removed from your property legally. In addition, should there be a need for court representation, you don’t have to worry. As your agents, we will represent you ably. 

Once complete, we will rekey the property and ensure to market your property. 

Property Inspections and Maintenance 

Keyrenter New England performs periodic inspections to ensure that the property is in the best condition possible. Our property managers are well-experienced and know what signs to look out for in terms of defects. 


After every inspection, a maintenance report will be completed and sent to our in-house maintenance team. They have the technical expertise to ensure that all maintenance is done up to housing standards.

Keyrenter New England has 24/7 communication channels in place, even on the weekends and holidays. This guarantees that your tenants are able to get in touch with us in case of a maintenance emergency. 

Rent Collection

Timely rent collection is our top priority here at Keyrenter New England. We have a reliable and digital payment system that will ensure that rent from your rental is collected on time and in full. 

Even with a comprehensive screening of your tenants, there is always the possibility of late rental payments. Our expert property managers know how to handle such scenarios and will ensure that every penny due to you is collected. 

Financial Reporting and Accounting 

You can only be able to assess the performance of your rental property when you can account for the rental income and expenses of your Concord rental property. Keyrenter New England offers a comprehensive financial accounting service that accounts for every dollar coming in and spent to pay for utilities. 


Our detailed and accurate financial accounting allows you to budget your potential earnings and costs for the next year. With Keyrenter New England as your property manager, you can rest assured that all your property needs are catered for. 

Living in Concord, NH 

Situated in Merrimack County, Concord is a thriving town in New Hampshire known for its vibrancy, quality lifestyle, and good schools. The area attracts many households and young couples thanks to these attributes. 

Concord is the host to several top organizations and businesses. Potential investors should be happy about this as it ensures that your renters will have the income needed to pay their rent dues. Some of the companies and corporations in the area include Concord Hospital, Northeast Delta Dentral, Concord Monito, Sulloway & Hollis, and Banks Chevrolet Cadillac Buick. 

As mentioned above, Concord is a residential target area for many households/ young couples. Save for the ambiance and atmosphere, they are also drawn in by the quality of schools in the area, at both elementary and middle school levels. Some of the notable mentions include Beaver Meadow School, Rundlett Middle School, Christa McAuliffe School, Parker Academy, Keystone School, and K12 International Academy. 

With all these lush attributes, one may think that the housing in Concord NH is above what they can afford. Some may believe that they have to pay through the nose to be able to live or invest in Concord. But that’s not the case. The median property in Concord is just slightly above the national average. 

Wondering which Concord neighborhoods you should invest in? Some of the top-rated neighborhoods in the area include West Concord, Penacook, the City Center, Loudon Road, the Village, or Manchester St/ Hall St. 

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Areas We Serve

Keyrenter New England provides property management services in Peterborough, New Hampshire, Goffstown, Derry, Bedford, BowCandia, HooksettLondonderryManchester, MilfordNashuaMerrimack, Auburn, and Hudson.