Bed bugs have made a resurgence in the last few decades, causing a number of issues for renters. One of the only things worse than having bed bugs is living in fear knowing that your neighbors currently have them. As bed bugs have become a common issue, what can landlords do to prevent bed bugs from spreading to multiple units? Here are some bed bugs facts to know:
– Bed bugs do not have wings.
– Bed bugs crawl and usually move around rapidly within an infected area
– Bed bugs slowly crawl and spread to other areas
– Bed bugs can spread by attaching themselves to clothing, luggage, purses, backpacks, and more
– Bed bugs can survive 6-12 months without a meal

Bed Bugs and Multiplying Behavior

Landlords often dread finding out one of their rental units has bed bugs. Bed bugs are known for rapidly multiplying, which is where many other tenants can be at-risk for them jumping into their unit. Bed bugs do take time to grow, but they are difficult to treat. A single female bed bug can lay about 100 eggs in one month. Typically by the end of the month, 50-60 new nymphs are born and there are another 30 or so eggs waiting to hatch.

The second month causes additional problems for landlords and tenants. In the second month, bed bugs tend to have around 10 breeding adults, leading to rapid multiplication. The second month is when most people can see actual signs of bed bugs problems. Normally in the second month, you will see reddish-brown color on the bedding and furniture. It is imperative to control bed bugs at this phase or you will end up dealing with additional problems as they continue to multiply and spread.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, brownish-reddish color and are typically the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs are commonly found in or around bedding including furniture where you sit. As bed bugs rely on a food source, they tend to congregate in areas where humans or animals frequently sit and lay.

Bed bug bites will start to appear on the skin. A bed bug bite normally appears as a small, red bump on the skin. The bumps can become irritated and itch, and some even become infected. If the bed bugs are not eradicated from the property, the bites can continue to worsen.

Keeping Property Safe

Prevention and early detection are essential for bed bug control. Landlords can take steps to ensure their property is always properly maintained, and the risk of bed bugs is low. Special bed bug encasements are used to protect bedding, mattresses, and box springs. Protective barriers are needed to trap bed bugs inside, and prevent them from being able to spread to other furniture.

If landlords notice their tenants do travel often, it is a wise idea to share information about bed bugs and traveling everyone. Sometimes reminder information shared via a monthly newsletter or on social media sites can help to remind tenants how to protect their travel clothing and materials from bed bugs.

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