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Do you need an experienced and trusted service provider by your side who can comprehensively address all your property’s needs? Put your trust in Keyrenter Property Management New England!

Self-property management means will need to prepare yourself for impromptu maintenance requests, long hours reading property rules & regulations, and frequent inspections of the property. However, when you engage the services of Keyrenter New England you can rest easy knowing that professionals oversee your rental business.

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We are a full-service property management company with a large portfolio of properties. Our team manages a wide range of properties, from single-family residences to townhouses to multi-rental properties. With us as your property partner, you can go about your life with the knowledge that your property is being managed by the best in the business.

What sets Keyrenter New England apart from the competition is the quality of the team in our employ. To offer our clients the best service possible, we only employ experienced, licensed, and well-trained property managers. They can help with rent collection, marketing, tenant screenings, property maintenance, and more.

In addition to hiring trusted real estate professionals, we at Keyrenter New England complements them with state-of-the-art software and system to remain competitive, efficient, and effective in all our management solutions.

Ready to say goodbye to self-property management? Keyrenter New England is the property management company to rely on. Get in touch with us today and you will receive a quote for our property management services!

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Our Bow Property Management Services

Relied upon by dozens of property owners in Bow, we at Keyrenter New England offer a wide range of property management solutions. Some of the services that we provide have been described below:

Rent Collection

Having issues with late rent payments and delays? The experts at Keyrenter New England can handle the entire process, from sending out reminders to collecting and processing late payments on your behalf.

What’s more, as changes in the neighborhood occur over the years, whether they be infrastructural developments or an increase in demand for rental properties, we can help adjust rent prices to keep up with market trends. The team from Keyrenter Property Management New England will advise you and also ensure that the lease agreement allows for rent reviews.

Tenant Management

For you to reduce tenant turnover and improve the chances of your tenants renewing the lease, you must be available to address their needs. You must be ready to pick up their phone calls, follow up on requests/ complaints, and reply to emails they send on a daily.

Most landlords find this challenging since they lack the time and systems to efficiently handle such tasks. This can result in higher turnover and a loss in rental income. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about it when you have Keyrenter New England as your property partner. Our experienced crew will handle all your tenants’ needs professionally and efficiently.

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Property Inspection and Maintenance

Renters want a space that is in good condition throughout the year. As a landlord, this means frequent property inspections and sound workmanship when it comes to repairs.

Property inspection and maintenance are part of our comprehensive management solutions for our clients. We will design an inspection schedule that will ensure every inch of the property is checked regularly for defects. Any defects will be repaired by our in-house maintenance team or our trusted network of contractors.

Keyrenter New England also has a 24/7 emergency contact that your tenants can reach us at. Regardless of the time of day, our phone lines are open. We will respond to your tenants’ calls and be ready to head out should the matter require our immediate attention.

Tenant Selection and Screening

Every landlord wants a quality tenant on their premises. This is the type of tenant who pays their rent on time, adheres to the terms of the lease agreement, and gets along well with the other tenants and neighbors. Keyrenter New England has a comprehensive and refined tenant screening process that can guarantee you a quality tenant.

We will run a background check and income history check, and verify an applicant’s credit, employment, and rental history. And property owners can rest assured that we at Keyrenter New England follow the guidelines of the Fair Housing Act in the selection of a tenant.

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Eviction Management

While we have a thorough screening process, we acknowledge that issues can still arise during the term of the lease. Our first response is to have a sit-down and remind the tenant of their obligations as per the lease agreement.

It’s only when this fails that we consider eviction. Keyrenter New England is aware of the state’s eviction laws and will follow them strictly. In the unlikely event that it becomes necessary, the eviction process will be handled professionally on your behalf.

Living in Bow, NH

Situated in Merrimack County, Bow is considered a great place to reside in New Hampshire. It offers residents a mix of suburbia experience with urban elements.

Bow has quite a solid economy and offers many job opportunities to locals. There are also several quality public schools in the area. Some of the performing schools in Bow include Bow Elementary School, Bow Memorial School, and Bow High School.

It’s during the winter that Bow really comes alive. Snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts from all over the country come down to test their skills. It’s also a good time to make memories at the public ice park, go trekking, or simply enjoy the sites while on a horse-drawn sleigh.

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Areas We Serve

In addition to Bow, we are proud to serve the following areas in New England: Bedford, Hooksett, Amherst, Londonderry, Concord, Peterborough, Manchester, Milford, Nashua, Goffstown, New Hampshire, Merrimack, Hudson, and Derry.