Are you looking to invest in New Hampshire real estate? 

New Hampshire offers investors many lucrative opportunities in real estate. That said, it’s essential to perform research to find out the best area to invest in. There are several choices available depending on your priority and finances.

You can focus on holiday rental homes for tourists, apartment units for working professionals, or more long-term rentals for people looking to establish roots in the area. New Hampshire offers a stunning landscape in all seasons, attracting plenty of visitors all year round.

Aside from that, the economy is thriving in New Hampshire with its major industries centered on IT, healthcare, and construction. This leads to a boost in jobs further inspiring more people to move to the area. With a predicted growing population, demand for real estate is set to rise. 

In this article, we here at Keyrenter Property Management New England will review the best areas in New Hampshire that you could consider for making your next real estate investment in New Hampshire!

Best New Hampshire Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate


Portsmouth is an attractive neighborhood for those who want to stay in an environment that supports their creativity. It’s in close proximity to Boston giving more access to varied cultural entertainments and job opportunities. 

If you plan to own a rental property, you can target the working professionals in the area. Employment numbers in the area are showing a lot of stability. Thus, the long-term appeal over the years offers consistent returns on your property investment.

investing in New Hampshire real estate


The charming area of Hanover offers one access to a strong community. It also rates high in terms of safety. This is an ideal area for those looking to stay long-term and establish roots. 

What’s more, there are homes for sale in Hanover that are priced fairly low. This means you can renovate them and design amenities that will be suitable to your targets demographic such as adding more outdoor spaces and plenty of storage areas.


One of the qualities that draw investors to consider Londonberry as worthwhile property investment is the high number of dwellers renting in this city. This gives property owners windows of opportunity to earn a consistent passive income. You can look for a low-priced, fixer-upper property. Then transform it into a rental earning above the normal rate.

With a high job growth prediction within this decade, the likelihood that you’d be able to consistently find renters for your property is high. Londonberry’s safety meter is also high, encouraging residents to stay longer.


Noted as one of the largest cities in New Hampshire, Manchester is a promising area for real estate investments. A wide range of properties is available to pick from including single-family homes and apartments. If you happen to find a good property and perform renovations to include top amenities, you might be able to set a higher rent price.

Manchester investment properties

In addition, Manchester presents strong employment figures. This inspires more professionals to move in this area the number of available jobs. Thus, you can offer rental housing to more prospects who are attracted to living in a city where the economy continues to grow.

Manchester is filled with historical attractions and cultural establishments from museums to theaters. It’s also located close to New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston. This means you can target tourists by creating short-term rentals. Another market you can capture is students who are enrolled in the New Hampshire Institute of Art and Southern New Hampshire University.


Exeter displays a strong history that appeals to a lot of people. A lot of tourists flock to this neighborhood. When it comes to property investment, you have varied options. You can choose to own newly built homes that are popular and predicted to fetch great investment returns. You can also go for more historic homes if you want something with a unique flair. 

Focusing on target tourists as short-term renters is a great strategy in Exeter especially if you own a restored historic property. Exeter hosts exciting festivals, especially during the summer and fall seasons.


Farmington has a history steeped in agriculture and farming. But it has since developed into the retail, services, and industrial industries. With a family-friendly environment where safety is prioritized, the area is very welcoming to all.

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As an investor, choosing to purchase a property in Farmington is a sound idea given the low sale prices of homes. Potential tenants are families who appreciate the parks, sports facilities, and outdoor recreation options available in Farmington. Families consider access to a high-quality education important before they move. Farmington’s schools rank high nationally and across different states.


Nashua is another recommended area to purchase an investment home. It is home to a diverse community. One can find an interesting and historic district downtown and the community is also quite friendly. Different neighborhoods offer several property types at a variety of price points giving investors plenty of options.

Employment data in Nashua shows strong figures where jobs in healthcare, technology, and manufacturing remain steady. The rental market is shown to be healthy as well. 

In a Nutshell: Best Real Estate Markets in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is being considered by a lot of real estate investors thanks to its attractions, thriving economy, wealth of job opportunities, and gorgeous scenery. 

If you are looking to purchase New Hampshire real estate, you may want to consider investing in Portsmouth, London Berry, Hanover, Exeter, Manchester, Farmington, and Nashua. 

If you need help managing your rentals consider the experts at Keyrenter Property Management New England. Contact us today if you have questions about investment opportunities in New Hampshire!