Thorough tenant screening is an absolutely vital step to take to prevent significant problems further down the road. These processes can also help to optimize your profits and prevent evictions from becoming necessary. Here at Keyrenter, we use a comprehensive 13-point screening process to help find high-quality tenants and potential renters for properties. Here are 8 questions that you should ask when you are screening tenants. 

1. How Many People Will be Living on the Property?

It is important to know how many people will be living on the property to predict the wear and tear to your building. It will also help to determine whether or not the potential renters are a good fit for your property. 

2. Do you Have Pets?

You should refrain from asking if the potential renter has a service animal, as this may come across as discriminatory. If you have a no-pets policy, make sure you let them know. It will be their responsibility to bring up if they have a service or emotional support animal. 

3. Where do you Work?

It is important to determine where they work and what their income is prior to renting to a tenant. 

4. When do you Want to Move?

This question will help you to determine if your property is a good fit. You can’t overlap rentals with the prior lease and you want to minimize the amount of time a property remains vacant. 

5. Have you Ever Been Evicted?

You should be very wary of renting to tenants that have previous evictions on their record, especially if they lie about it when asked. 

6. Why are you Moving?

There are many reasons to move. Some reasons are better than others. Asking your tenant why they are moving can give you some insight into their background. 

7. Will you Agree to a Background Check?

Don’t rent to a tenant that refuses to submit to a background check. This is a solid indication that there is something they don’t want you to know. 

8. Does Anyone Live on the Premises Smoke?

If you rent your property to smokers, you will want to ensure that rules are set in place regarding smoking. In many cases, you will want to prohibit smoking within the building to prevent damage from occurring. 

To learn more about the various ways to effectively screen a tenant, contact us at the Keyrenter in New England today!